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Testimonial: Being Self-Employed

Penny Ragolli

Penny, 46, is a self-employed management consultant. She has been married for 14 years, owns a home with her husband, and has a daughter, Mandy, who is almost 11. Her company, In2it Human Design!, is well respected across Canada as a corporate leader in innovative management and personnel solutions. She employs three part-time people for administrative support. Before launching her own business, Penny was director of human resources for several large Canadian corporations.

Penny: I certainly didn't start working for myself out of necessity. Quite the opposite! Starting my own company was my way of saying, "I've earned the right to have my own turf now." After proving myself to others, it was time to prove something to myself: that I can and will build my career around my own priorities and my own values.

Sound easy? Well it wasn't! In the early years, it was difficult criss-crossing the country building my client base while juggling family responsibilities.

But I did learn some valuable things along the way....

I've learned never to compromise the way I do things in order to achieve my goals.

For me, that means that my family's well-being must come first. I count on them to keep me going. They count on me for the same. It's that simple!

That's why I never take any chances with my family's future simply for the sake of getting ahead or saving money. From the first year that I launched In2it until now, I've always had enough term life insurance to cover all their needs in case something happened to me.

After all, if the company I've created can't take care of my family the way we deserve, then I'm working for the wrong boss!