Travel insurance helps you get medical care wherever you are

Getting sick or hurt when you're away from home is stressful enough without having to worry about the cost of the medical care you need. CoverMe® Travel Insurance provides essential protection, whether you're a travelling Canadian, a visitor to Canada or a student.

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Travelling Canadians

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Get affordable access to emergency medical care when you visit other provinces and countries. Your plan protects you if you need to see a doctor, get prescription drugs, call an ambulance or stay in hospital due to a medical emergency.

What's included?

  • Up to $10 million in emergency medical benefits
  • Cover one trip or a year full of trips
  • Protect yourself and your family with family coverage savings*
  • Top-up for extra days of travel
  • Standalone trip cancellation and trip interruption
  • Choose an all-inclusive plan for emergency medical benefits plus trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage loss, damage and delay, flight accident and travel accident insurance
  • New all-inclusive plans for youth travellers age 29 and under
  • New Non-Medical Inclusive plan for travellers with existing emergency medical coverage
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Travel plan that covers COVID-19 emergencies while travelling outside of Canada, plus trip interruption coverage

What can I add?

  • New Cancel for any Reason rider
  • New Government Health Travel Advisory rider

Am I eligible?

  • Plans available for all ages 
  • Canadian resident
  • Covered by a Canadian provincial or territorial health insurance plan.

Visitors to Canada

Save on emergency medical costs in Canada when you or your friends and family visit – whether it's for business or pleasure. Our plans meet the requirements of the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa.

What's included?

  • Up to $200,000 in emergency medical benefits
  • Side trips outside Canada (except to your country of residence)
  • Coverage available for any number of days up to one year
  • Protect yourself and your family with family coverage savings***

Am I eligible?

  • Plans available for all ages**
  • Not covered by a Canadian provincial or territorial health insurance plan


Keep your budget for classes and books, not medical costs. When you travel to study, your plan helps cover emergencies, including dental care after an accident, plus your annual physical and eye exam.

What's included?

  • Up to $2 million in emergency and non-emergency medical benefits
  • Coverage available for up to one year
  • Protect yourself and your family with family coverage savings****

What else is included at no extra cost?

  • Accidental death or dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement if you can't attend school

Am I eligible?

  • Apply up to age 44
  • Full-time or post-doctoral student attending a recognized institute of learning*****

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Top 7 questions about travel insurance

Travel insurance helps protect you from unexpected costs while travelling. This can include emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation and trip interruption costs, delayed or lost baggage, and flight and travel accidents.

Travel insurance can include coverage for hospital and physician services, paramedical services, ambulance and emergency medical return home, and more. In addition, travel insurance can also help with unexpected costs from delayed or lost baggage, trip cancellation and trip interruption, and flight and travel accidents.

Many insurance plans may be purchased right up until the date of departure, however, if you are considering coverage for trip cancellation it is recommended to purchase insurance on the day your trip is booked.

Provincial or territorial government health insurance plans may pay only a small portion of medical expenses incurred abroad. They might not pay for ambulance services, prescription drugs, fees charged by private hospitals or facilities or emergency dental treatment. In addition, many hospitals abroad may require immediate cash payment or proof of insurance, which our assistance centre would help coordinate.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance benefits may be payable in the event that any member of your immediate family develops a medical condition unexpectedly or passes away and you can no longer travel or you need to end your trip early.

If you’re planning to travel while pregnant, our plans can help protect you while you’re away. However, the following coverage exclusions apply:

  • Routine pre-natal or post-natal care
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and complications of pregnancy and childbirth in the 9 weeks before or after your expected due date
  • A child born during your trip

A dependent grandchild meets our definition of "child." To be covered, your grandchild must be named on your confirmation and be travelling with you. Keep in mind that all travellers covered under a family travel insurance plan must be under age 60.

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