About us

What is CoverMe®?

CoverMe is a suite of flexible and straightforward insurance solutions offered by Manulife. A leading Canadian insurance provider with global reach, Manulife has more than 125 years of experience helping customers like you with their big financial decisions. You can count on us to be a strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking partner as you manage the risks in your life.

Insurance built for you

At Manulife, we believe your insurance protection should be just that – yours. It should fit into your life, not the other way around. That's why our CoverMe plans are designed based on a deep understanding of our customers' objectives, priorities and challenges. It's why we invest in supporting an exceptional customer experience from choosing your plan to managing your claims. And it's why we're committed to keeping our plans flexible and adaptable, so they can meet your needs today and in the future.

When you get CoverMe health, life or travel protection, you can have confidence that you've made the right decision and, most important of all, that you and your family are well protected.

How can we cover you?

If you're not sure, contact us. Our customer service team can help you quickly choose and buy the right plan. CoverMe makes insurance easy.