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Keep your health and dental insurance costs in check by buying only what you want. With Manulife Flexcare® plans, you can get health and dental coverage, enhanced with optional add-ons, or targeted protection in a specific area.

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If you don't have a health and dental plan or are looking for a new one, start with one of three core plans and then build in any extra protection you want with add-ons.

If you have a plan but it doesn't cover semi-private/private hospital rooms or catastrophic drug costs*, choose one or two standalone plans.

Are you looking at the right plan? Check your age and province/territory.

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Manulife Vitality is available on all CoverMe Flexcare® and FollowMe™ health & dental plans.

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Top 7 questions about Manulife Flexcare®

Yes, you can cancel your individual health insurance at any time. There is a 24-month waiting period to get new coverage (at Manulife).

The choice of having private health insurance (also known as supplemental health insurance) is a personal one. Supplemental health insurance helps cover unforeseen expenses (e.g. supplemental (added) costs of surgeries, medical consultations, dental and vision appointments, prescription drugs etc.) which are not covered by a government health insurance plan. For example, a supplemental health insurance plan like Flexcare can cover eye exams and other vision costs that may have previously been paid out of pocket.

Individual health insurance coverage is insurance coverage that you purchase on your own to cover yourself or immediate family members. Individual health insurance is not provided through a group or employer. Additionally, it covers medical treatments and supplies not in your provincial plan.

Comprehensive plans cover a wide variety of expenses. While not all insurance plans are comprehensive, they are supplemental. Supplemental health insurance can cover prescription drugs, dental cleaning and orthodontics, hospital room coverage, vision care and paramedical services etc. Supplemental health insurance covers medical treatments and supplies not in your provincial plan.  

In order to purchase supplemental health insurance (covers costs above your provincial plan), you must be over age of 18, have an active government health insurance plan (GHIP), and be a resident of your home province/territory.

Part-time employees are eligible for insurance plans. It is up to the discretion of the employer if there are group plans (plans provided to a group of members most commonly by your employer) available. Part time employees can purchase supplemental health insurance (covers costs above your provincial plan) as a top up to their group plan. 

Yes, you can get treated without health insurance as most Canadians have coverage under their provincial plan. For non-Canadian residents who aren’t covered under provincial plans, medical expenses can be costly. It is recommended that non-Canadian residents look at health insurance options such as a Manulife CoverMe Visitor to Canada plan as provincial plans such as OHIP will only come into effect after 3 months. 

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