How to get health insurance when you have a pre-existing condition

It’s easy to get health insurance, even when you have an existing medical condition

No one likes having to get a needle. Or not being able to get health coverage because of a pre-existing condition or family history.

So it’s understandable that if you have a pre-existing or medical condition, you might be reluctant to apply for health insurance. But don’t be discouraged – although many health policies may require a medical exam as part of the application process, there are policies that require none at time of application.

Different policies, different application procedures

Not all health insurance policies are the same, however. With some you may need to answer a few health questions or fill out a questionnaire when you apply. For example, you might be asked whether you have a family history of heart disease, what medications you take and what surgeries you’ve had.

Other policies require full underwriting. “Underwriting” involves an examination from a health professional and a series of diagnostic tests to determine whether you qualify for coverage.

And then there are those insurance plans that don’t require any of the above. That’s right — you can get comprehensive health and dental coverage with no questions and no medical tests at the time of application, and your acceptance is guaranteed.

Guaranteed-issue insurance

With guaranteed-issue plans, your acceptance is guaranteed at the time of application. Manulife’s CoverMe Guaranteed Issue Enhanced plan is one example. It offers coverage even if you have a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes, asthma or high cholesterol.

Guaranteed-issue insurance makes it fast, easy and convenient to apply for insurance. Coverage starts on the first of the month following receipt of your first premium. And if you change your mind, you can cancel your policy in the first 30 days and get a refund (less any benefits you’ve received).

Is it a good choice for you?

A guaranteed-issue plan can be a suitable option for someone with a pre-existing medical condition. But it can also be a good option for anyone who wants simple, straightforward coverage and a fast, no-fuss application.