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Testimonial: Having Children

Richard & Melanie Fortier

Melanie and Richard are in their late twenties and expecting their first child. Their total monthly housing and living expenses, including groceries, rent and utilities, are $1,650. They have an annual combined income of $58,000 and have managed to accumulate $6,000 in their savings account.

Melanie: Expecting our first baby means that we have lots to plan and do. Not a day goes by without organizing and preparing for the little one — there are clothes to buy, a room to paint, and furniture and toys to find. But the most important things are making sure I'm eating right and getting enough rest.

Richard: Every day we come up with new questions: Will we be able to provide our baby with a safe and happy home? How do we find a good babysitter? How much money will we need to achieve our family goals? Down the road, how much will we need to save for our child's college or university education?

Melanie: And what if something were to happen to Richard, or me, or even both of us?

Richard: We did some research and decided to buy term life insurance. We feel better knowing that we can provide a secure future for our child, even if one of us were to die unexpectedly. It's a terrible possibility, but one we knew we had to face and prepare for.

Melanie: No amount of money could take away the pain of losing Richard. But knowing that there would be money to pay the bills, cover the rent, and help with tuition one day, we now have peace of mind... for the three of us.