Manulife CoverMe
CoverMe™ Travel Insurance for Students
Premiums and Savings

Affordable premiums make it easy for students to study abroad financially protected

CoverMe™ Travel insurance for Students premiums are affordable, making them easy to plan for. Add on Family Coverage and the special savings you could enjoy if you're a Canadian student studying within Canada and the cost of this comprehensive travel insurance coverage becomes even more economical.

For a Single Applicant

  • The premium rate of $2.70 is applicable to each day of coverage.
  • For national students studying in another province or territory in Canada, the rate will be 50% less than the rate for a Single Applicant.

For Family Coverage (Available for spouse and dependent children when all family members reside together and are under age 40)

  • The rate is two times the Single Applicant's rate

Note: All applicants must be under the age of 40. Coverage must not exceed 365 days.

  • Premium rate is in $CAD per person.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Number of coverage days must include:
    1. The date of departure;
    2. The date of return; and
    3. The number of days in between.
  • Coverage will not take effect if the applicant's method of payment is not honoured