Health coverage for international students in Canada

When you come to Canada to study, you can expect a warm welcome. What you can't predict – because nobody can – is whether you'll have a medical emergency while you're here.

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CoverMe® Travel Insurance for Students helps cover emergency medical care, including diagnostic tests, prescription drugs and paramedical services. It also covers your annual physical and eye exam.

See the policy for detailed information on benefits, limitations and exclusions.

Simple, comprehensive protection while you're studying

  • Up to $2 million in emergency and non-emergency medical benefits
  • Up to $5,000 to reimburse tuition if you can't attend school
  • One medical exam (up to $100) and one eye exam every year
  • Up to $10,000 in accidental death or dismemberment (AD&D) coverage
  • Save when you choose family coverage to protect your spouse and dependent children (minimum age 30 days)

Apply up to age 44

  • Student from anywhere in the world, not covered by a Canadian provincial or territorial health insurance plan
  • Full-time student with proof of admission or enrolment in a recognized institute or learning, or 
  • Student completing post-doctoral research in a recognized institute of learning
  • Click "View More" to see what conditions make you ineligible for coverage.

Flexibility when plans change

  • Visit home on a trip break for up to 21 days without ending your coverage
  • Stay at school longer by extending your coverage to a maximum of 365 days
  • Spend the summer with coverage between semesters as long as you're still enrolled

Cover many emergency medical costs*


  • Up to 60 days for injury or illness; up to 30 days for psychiatric care

Health services

  • Physician services – plus up to 5 follow-up visits

Dental services

  • Accidental injury – up to $2,500


  • Emergency evacuation – up to $100,000

What's excluded?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions that have not remained stable in the 3 months before the effective date
  • Medical conditions related to genetic, acquired or congenital birth defect for children under age 2
  • If you get coverage after you arrive at school, there is a 48-hour waiting period except if you are accidentally injured or if you are extending an existing Travel Insurance for Students policy from Manulife

Carry your policy everywhere you travel

Keep your policy and wallet card safe, and take them with you everywhere you go on your trip. Your wallet card has contact information for our Assistance Centre, available 24/7, if you need to access your benefits while you're away. In addition, get the TravelAid mobile app, which can provide directions to the nearest medical facility and local emergency telephone numbers.

You must contact the Assistance Centre before you receive any treatment while on your trip. If you don't, you will have to pay 20% of the medical expenses that would normally be covered under this policy, and some benefits may be limited or not covered.

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Top 5 questions about travel insurance

When you travel outside your home province or territory, even if you're still in Canada, there are limits on how much your government health insurance plan will pay. Costs that may not be covered include air and ground ambulance, emergency dental treatment and prescription drug expenses. Travel insurance can help with these costs, so it makes sense to have it whether you're visiting another part of Canada or another part of the world.

We can top up travel insurance offered by another insurer, adding extra days to your current coverage. You are responsible for ensuring that your current coverage is in force and allows top-ups. Your top-up coverage is subject to CoverMe® Travel Insurance's terms and conditions.

For single-trip plans, you can add extra days of coverage while you're travelling provided that there has been:

  • No event that has resulted or may result in a claim against the policy, and
  • No change in your health status

You must call 1-877-268-3763 before your coverage expires and pay the appropriate premium.

For multi-trip plans, it's best to add extra days of coverage before you leave home. Simply get a top-up up to the maximum allowed by your government health insurance plan. If you need to add extra days of coverage while you're travelling, call 1-877-268-3763 and we will do our best to help you.

A dependent grandchild meets our definition of  "child." To be covered, your grandchild must be named on your confirmation and be travelling with you. Keep in mind that all travellers covered under a family travel insurance plan must be under age 60.

All our travel insurance plans for travelling Canadians start with a $0 deductible. You can save money with a higher deductible on our Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan and Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Plan (these deductibles apply only to emergency medical coverage. COVID-19 Pandemic Travel plan not included):

  • $500 deductible – save 10%
  • $1,000 deductible – save 15%
  • $5,000 deductible – save 30%
  • $10,000 deductible – save 35%
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