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CoverMe™ Travel Insurance for Students
What's Covered

Gain the financial protection that our travel insurance offers

This chart will give you a brief overview of the comprehensive coverage offered by CoverMe Travel insurance for Students.

For more detailed information outlining all the policy details, you can download the policy.

Insurance Offered Coverage Amounts per Insured per Trip ($CAD)
Emergency Medical and Non-Emergency Medical Up to a maximum aggregate of $2,000,000*
Eye Examination One examination per year
Annual Medical Examination One examination per year up to $100
Emergency Medical Benefits Hospital expenses – up to the maximum aggregate for:
  • 60 days hospitalization for injury or illness
  • 30 days hospitalization for psychiatric care
  • Out-patient and emergency department services
Physician services – plus up to 5 follow-up visits
Diagnostic services
Private duty nurse – up to $10,000
Ambulance transportation – up to $5,000
Prescription drugs – up to 30 day supply
Paramedical services – up to $70 per visit to a maximum of $700 for a covered injury
Emergency dental treatment:
  • Accidental injury – up to $2,500
  • Relief of pain – up to $100
  • Per extracted wisdom tooth – up to $250
Psychiatric care – up to $5,000
Trauma counselling – up to 6 sessions
Medical appliances
Emergency evacuation – up to $100,000
Family transportation to bedside – up to $4,500
Repatriation of mortal remains – up to $25,000
Tuition Reimbursement Up to $5,000
Trip Break Up to 21 consecutive days, without termination of coverage
Accidental Death or Dismemberment $10,000 for death or double dismemberment, or $5,000 for single dismemberment
Acts of Terrorism Coverage applicable to Emergency Medical Overall maximum for Emergency Benefits for all policies issued by us to Canadian students travelling abroad shall be $35 million per act of terrorism for up to 2 acts of terrorism within a calendar year

*excludes Accidental Death or Dismemberment

Please note: If the covered expense results from an act of terrorism, all benefit maximums shown may be reduced subject to the Terrorism Coverage provision in the policy. Other conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Please see the policy for details.

Coverage Start and End Dates

YOUR COVERAGE STARTS on the latest of:

  • the date shown as effective date on your confirmation; or
  • for an inbound trip, the date and time of your arrival in Canada; for an outbound trip, the date and time you leave Canada; or for a national student, the date and time you leave your home.

A waiting period will apply if you purchase this coverage after you begin school.

Waiting period means:

  • the 48-hour period following your effective date of insurance.

A waiting period is applicable to all claims if you purchased insurance after your arrival at your destination.

The waiting period will be waived:

  • in the case of injury; or
  • if you purchased this policy prior to the expiry date of an existing CoverMe Travel Insurance for Students policy already issued, to become effective on the day following such expiry date.

YOUR COVERAGE ENDS on the earliest of:

  • the expiry date shown on your confirmation; or
  • no more than sixty (60) days after the date your enrolment as a student at a recognized educational institute terminates unless you are in the USA holding a valid F1 visa; or
  • if you have purchased this coverage for an inbound trip, the date you become insured under a government health insurance plan; or
  • if you are a Canadian, the date you are no longer covered by a government health insurance plan; or
  • sixteen (16) days from the date you leave Canada to visit another country (except your home country) if you have purchased this coverage for an inbound trip (coverage may be reinstated on the date you return to Canada with the approval of our Assistance Centre and if you can provide a statement of good health); or
  • the date you cease to be a spouse or dependant as defined in this policy; or
  • 365 days after the effective date of your policy; or
  • the date you return home.

Refunds and Extensions


  • You may cancel this insurance at any time before your effective date.
  • If you return home early, you can apply for a refund of the premiums for the unused coverage providing there has been no incident which has resulted, or will result in a claim or a claim started against the policy and that you have mailed your written refund request within 5 days of your departure from Canada (within 5 days of your return home, for Canadians).
  • All travellers insured under the same policy must return together for a refund to be possible.


If you already have coverage, simply call the Assistance Centre. You may be able to extend your coverage as long as:

  1. Your period of coverage does not extend beyond 365 days;
  2. You remain eligible for insurance under this plan;
  3. We have received the extension requests prior to the expiry date of your existing policy issued by us; and
  4. There has been no change between single or family coverage.

NOTE: For policy extensions, no losses or expenses or benefits will be paid for any illness or injury which first appeared, whether diagnosed or not, or for which treatment may or may not have been received, prior to the effective date of the extension of coverage under this policy.