Flying kid style

Great airlines for kid-friendly flights.

Nobody wants to deal with a whiney, bored child during a long flight – whether you’re their parent or the unrelated traveller stuck next to them. The best way to keep kids from getting upset or bored is to keep them occupied. Here are some airlines that really emphasize fun for the kids.


Based out of Germany, Lufthansa has a kids club called the JetFriends Club. For kids and teens, it comes with a website they can log on to before their flight to get familiar with Lufthansa and air travel in fun ways. During the flight, there are toys and activities perfect for different age groups. Kids can even check in at their own special counters at the airline’s main hubs. Plus, they’ve developed two fun (and free) apps you can download: one for ages up to six and another for kids age seven to 11.

Virgin Atlantic

The British airline not only makes things easier for parents thanks to amenities like bottle warming and meals for babies and kids, but there are also amazing entertainment options for kids. But perhaps best of all is the swag-filled backpack, which includes a book, eye mask, colouring pencils and socks.

Eva Air

Some of their flights are literally made for kids. After all, they’re famous for their Hello Kitty Shining Star jet, which features Hello Kitty characters painted on the fuselage. But it’s not just about appearances with EVA. The Taipei-based airline also offers games, movies and food for kids.

Alaska Air

Not only do they have plenty of on-screen entertainment for the young ones, but they’ll also give kids a Disney colouring book and a real metal wing pin. Plus, parents can purchase the “kids’ choice picnic pack” filled with fun and healthy snacks.

Air New Zealand

When you book your flight on this carrier, make sure to sign up for the kids’ meal. Kids are served meals first so parents can get the little ones set before chowing down themselves. But best of all, when you order the kids’ meal for an international flight, you also get a fun kids’ pack filled with activities. Plus, inflight entertainment includes movies, TV shows, games and even audiobooks for kids.


The Australian airline creates a complete child-friendly experience, thanks to their Joey Club. Before the trip, kids can play around on the website, printing out colouring sheets and learning fun facts about air travel. On board, kid-friendly on-screen entertainment is a given. Children age three to six get a kit including an Etch A Sketch and activity booklet. Plus, on certain international flights, they’ll get a cool pair of Joey Club socks.

For the most part, you’ll have to fly a long way overseas for your children to get in on all this fun. But the good news is they’ll be entertained and engaged during that long flight.