Visitors to Canada Insurance

How Patricia and Charles learned it’s important to have coverage

Even though there’s been a pause in international travel these days, you may have friends or family currently in Canada on a visa. Since they wouldn’t be covered by the government's health insurance plan, it’s important to make sure they have the right Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance. It can help protect them from emergency out-of-pocket health care costs while in the country.

Listen to Patricia and Charles to find out how vitally important this protection has been for them, as a retired couple from South Africa, now living in Calgary. Having the right protection in place helped them avoid what Charles calls a “catastrophic financial impact” totalling nearly $60,000. As a result, they were able to focus on spending time with family rather than paying medical bills.


Coming from South Africa, we have no medical here. Travel insurance is of vital importance. Our purpose of coming to Canada was because of our family and we found now that Charles is retired, we will make the move and live here and we love it. But it is a cultural shock. Calgary is a very cold place, but you adjust. We’ve been with Manulife three and half years. I’ve had two incidents. Unfortunately, in 2018, I had a gallbladder problem and gallstones and unfortunately last year, I saw an ophthalmist and he said I had a hole in the retina. With Manulife, it was extremely easy. We were treated with the utmost respect. The first incident was forty-eight thousand and the second incident was nine thousand. And we were not left out of pocket at all. It would’ve really been a catastrophic financial impact on ourselves as individuals travelling and likewise on our family that we are visiting. We would love to grow old with our family. And we will recommend Manulife as a travel insurance to any friends of ours. Our asset in life is our health and that’s why we have gone through Manulife for our peace of mind.