Live healthy.
Earn rewards.
Save money.

Getting the right health & dental protection is an important step towards a healthier life – and we want you to live your longest, healthiest life.


That’s why there’s Manulife Vitality a program that helps you learn about and improve your health. It also rewards you for your healthy choices along the way!

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How it works

With Manulife Vitality, you can create personalized weekly goals, take steps to achieve them and earn rewards. The more engaged you are and the healthier your choices, the more rewards you get.

Live a healthier life with Manulife Vitality

Get Manulife Vitality with any CoverMe Flexcare® and FollowMe™ Health & Dental plan for just $5/month.

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Step 1: Know your health

Knowing your starting point is the first step towards improving your health. Begin by learning your Vitality Age™, an indication of your overall health based on day-to-day choices. Keep in mind that your Vitality Age™  may be higher or lower than your actual age.

Step 2: Improve your health

Get inspired to make healthier choices through a customized, goal-oriented program that tracks your healthy activities. The Manulife Vitality program offers easy-to-use tools such as wearable devices to make this easier for you.

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Step 3: Enjoy the rewards

Earn Vitality Points™ for your healthy activities and improve your Vitality Status™. The more points you earn, the higher your status. Your Vitality Status™  determines your eligibility for rewards and gives you an opportunity to save up to 10% on your insurance premiums.

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