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I'm going on a trip

When travelling, you want to relax and enjoy. Worries about unexpected expenses should be far from your mind. And yet, when you are outside your home province, a trip to a doctor's office or an emergency room for even a minor injury or illness can be expensive. And Canadian provincial/territorial health insurance plans might not cover the full cost and they don't pay up front.

Travel insurance protects you from the cost of emergency medical care.

Whether you're travelling to another province or another country, give yourself the peace-of-mind of knowing that you are protected against medical expenses that may result from an unexpected accident or illness. Then relax and enjoy the pleasures that travelling brings.

Coverage for non-medical expenses

Travel insurance plans can also protect you against costs that result from unforeseen events such as lost, delayed or damaged luggage, a missed flight connection or a cancelled/interrupted trip.

Top-Up your existing coverage for extended trips

Even if you have some coverage under another plan, you can top-up your existing travel insurance to extend your emergency medical coverage. Check your existing plan to see if top-ups are permitted.

When purchasing a personal travel insurance plan, there are specific coverage details to look for.

Be sure to ask whether your policy:

  • has an in-house worldwide, multilingual emergency hotline
  • pays foreign hospital and related medical costs and, if so, whether it pays up front or expects you to pay and be reimbursed later
  • provides for your medical evacuation (or any required medical escort) to the nearest place with proper medical care or to Canada
  • excludes pre-existing medical conditions - get any agreements in writing!
  • allows for cash advances if a hospital accepts only such payment
  • pays for the preparation and return to Canada of your remains should you die while travelling
  • covers premature births and related neonatal care
  • covers the countries or regions you plan to visit.

Keep abreast of all travel advisories for your destination.

Don't neglect simple protection like sunscreen and appropriate shots.

Travel clinics are a great resource, as they are staffed with specialists in travel health. They have current information on which vaccines are required or recommended for people traveling to various destinations as well as information on the most up-to-date medications for travellers.

Learn more about travel clinics

Consider your destination when choosing single trip insurance.

Make sure your insurance covers the countries or regions you are visiting. Also, be aware that there are specific plans for travelling within Canada.

If you travel often, consider multi-trip insurance.

You can save time and money, and you'll have the peace-of-mind knowing it's already taken care of.

Ask your travel insurance provider how you can save money.

With CoverMe Travel insurance plans, you can save money in a number of ways:

  • Family Coverage
  • Travel Companion Savings
  • Travel Canada Savings
  • Deductibles

Consider factors like service, accessibility and reputation when purchasing insurance,

for the peace-of-mind of knowing that you will be taken care of promptly.

Why does any Canadian travelling out of country need travel insurance? If a traveller gets sick when travelling, won't our government health insurance plan pay for their medical expenses?

"BON VOYAGE, BUT ...", published by Global Affairs Canada states: "Do not rely on your provincial or territorial health plan to cover costs if you get sick or are injured while abroad. Out-of-country health care can be costly, and your health plan may not cover any medical expenses abroad. It is your responsibility to seek information from your provincial or territorial health authority and to obtain supplementary travel insurance and understand the terms of your policy."

I am leaving my province of residence to travel to another province before actually leaving Canada. On which date should a trip start for Single Trip coverage?

You can opt to purchase coverage for the entire time you are away from your province of residence or just for the portion of your trip that is away from Canada. In other words, the effective date of coverage can be either the last day you are in your province of residence or the last day you are in Canada. As government health insurance plans vary among the provinces and most do not provide emergency return home benefits, you should consider coverage for the full length of your trip.

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