Social media travel tips

The do’s and don’ts of posting while travelling.

Many of us love to let all of our social media followers know all the fun things we’re up to no matter where we are. You may be even more tempted to post when you’re travelling because of all the exciting things you’re doing. The trouble is, posting during your vacation could raise some security and privacy red flags. Here are some tips to help keep everyone and everything safe while you’re away, when it comes to social media:

  • Avoid it during your vacation: This is the most difficult route (because it’s so tempting to post), but the safest. You may trust your followers, but if a less trustworthy stranger catches wind that you’re away and your home is easy picking, you could risk a break-in.
  • Don’t post travel plans: Not posting during the vacation is one thing. But it can be equally important to avoid announcing when and where you’re going ahead of time, for the very same reasons.
  • Don’t post pics: If you must post to social media, try to avoid posting pictures. Depending on your privacy settings, geotags can tell people where you are.
  • Disable location settings: Speaking of geotags, you can disable location settings like these both in your phone’s settings and in specific apps like Facebook.
  • Don’t tag people you’re travelling with: Posting your own comings and goings while you’re away is ultimately your prerogative. But don’t tag friends or family who may want more social media privacy when it comes to their vacation plans.
  • Wait until you get home: Once you’re home, feel free to post all the pics you want and let all your follows know the ups and downs of your travels.

Remember to keep these tips in mind the next time you travel. After all, there’s nothing wrong with posting a #latergram.