FollowMe Health individual insurance plans

Get affordable, uninterrupted health and dental insurance protection when your employee benefits end.

What you get

  • Apply at any age and stay covered for as long as you want
  • Get guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions when you apply within 60 days of your employee benefits ending*
  • Enjoy special rates for couples and families with three or more children
  • Earn AIR MILES® reward miles

How it works

  • Choose one of four Core Plans to help cover drug costs or drug and dental costs; all Core Plans also come with vision care and extended health care


  • Consider a Travel Add-On for protection from emergency medical expenses while you're outside your home province

Core Plans

Basic Plan provides coverage for:

  • Prescription drugs: 80% to a maximum of $450
  • Vision care: $150 every 2 years
  • Extended health care: $100,000 lifetime maximum
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Add-Ons to Core Plans


Coverage for emergency medical expenses while travelling (maximum issue age is 69 and travel insurance terminates at age 80):

  • Travel 15 days
  • Travel 30 days
Learn more about Travel Add-On

FollowMe Health Plans Important Notice

This is not a contract. Actual terms and conditions are detailed in the policy issued by Manulife upon final application approval and payment of any required premium. Conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply. See policy for details.

* Guaranteed acceptance dependent upon receipt of the first premium payment and satisfaction of eligibility criteria.


Call Email: Our customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)