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CoverMe™ Packing App By Manulife

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Download the CoverMeTM Packing App* and never forget your important items at home again! The mobile app for your iPhone or iPad is your travel companion from trip preparation, to destination planning and capturing memories in the moment. Key features of the CoverMe Packing App* include:

Trip Preparation

Create your Packing List of travel items on your iPhone or iPad from categories like important documents, clothing, toiletries, and most importantly travel insurance. Add your own categories & travel items then start packing, checking off each item as you go. On your next trip, save time by using your saved packing lists, or start a new one!

  • Create new packing lists
  • Edit customized packing lists
  • Access the existing catalogue of multiple categorized travel items
  • Add your own items
  • Receive travel packing tips

Destination Planning & Capturing Memories

Use your Travel Journal to bookmark destinations around the world you plan on visiting. As you visit each one, check in and save your memories by adding journal entry notes, photos and tagging family and friends.

  • An integrated map functionality with search and mobile location services
  • Check-in to places while on your travels
  • Pin places you've visited and add journal entries, including photos and tags of friends
  • Share journal entries to Facebook and post your location on Twitter
  • Bookmark places you wish to travel to
  • Get directions and suggestions of places to visit close to where you are

New for 2013!

In November of 2013, we launched our Travel Trivia Game. Have a few minutes to spare before catching your flight? Test your worldly knowledge by challenging yourself to beat your best score, or compete against one another.

  • Choose to play 1-Player or 2-Player mode
  • Control game sounds and volume
  • Simple swipe action to the left or right to answer
  • Save your game to continue later or during your flight

Download the CoverMe Packing App

You won't forget the things you need for your trip, from sunscreen to emergency medical coverage.