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Business Owner
ComboPlus™ Enhanced
Health and Dental Insurance

Jessica left a promising corporate career to pursue her dream of designing furniture. Shortly after, she visited multiple websites offering health insurance and chose Flexcare. Jessica wanted the convenience of applying online, and ComboPlus™ Enhanced –with the Travel add-on for unexpected health care expenses while abroad—was exactly what she needed.

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The Taylors
DentalPlus™ Enhanced
Health and Dental Insurance

The Taylors pride themselves on being prepared. Although both parents have a company health care plan, they have DentalPlus™ Enhanced for dental coverage. For added financial protection, they also have the Travel add-on.

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Young Professional
ComboPlus™ Basic
Health and Dental Insurance

When it comes to his health, Michael wants the best. That's why he shopped around before buying health insurance to supplement his company's plan. He picked ComboPlus™ Basic with the Vision add-on to help pay for prescription drugs, trips to the dentist and his contact lenses. The best part of the process for him? Applying online at was a breeze.

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Phil & Susan
ComboPlus™ Basic
Health and Dental Insurance

Phil and Susan are living life to the fullest and don't want a big, unexpected health care expense to ruin their plans. They have ComboPlus™ Basic. For added peace of mind, they also have the Hospital add-on for semi-private or private room coverage.

A Mom's advice

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  • How do I know if Flexcare® is right for me and my family?

  • What happens if I apply for Flexcare® with a pre-existing condition?

  • I'm pregnant. Will my pregnancy be covered if I apply today?

  • Are common law or same sex spouses eligible for the Couple rate?